Testing Services

Testing Services

Testing Services

NexGen offers a wide range of software testing services and solutions for the next generation enterprises and ISVs across the globe. Our experienced and deep-skilled quality assurance professionals have a hands-on, end-to-end understanding of the challenges faced by enterprises while on the path of digital transformation.

Whether you have desktop, mobile or next-gen-based applications, our software testing specialists work with a focused approach to help you get more out of your testing efforts and improve time to market, and thus, your ROI.

Our functional testing services verify that each of your software application’s functions operate in tandem with their behavioral requirement specifications, ensuring behavioral adherence and quality. NexGen’s top-notch software quality assurance services save costs while enhancing speed, quality and security and customer experience.

We help define quality goals, then we thoroughly examine each of them and define a set of steps to take in order to increase the quality of your software, so that it meets its performance requirements. We define quality as “a solution which perfectly fits the client’s business objectives”. This is our motto and we ensure that we deliver.

Why Brands Choose NexGen For Testing Services

Experience Led & Outcome Focused

We help brands understand the role digital can play in realizing strategic opportunities and solving real world business problems, always keeping the focus on the customer's experience and the results generated.

Proven, Rapid, Agile & Trusted Delivery Methods

Using agile methodology, always keeping you in the loop. Streamlined delivery, cost effective engagements, designed to match your goals, your timeline and your budget.

Experienced Developers

Our mobile web developers create solutions that work seamlessly across all platforms and operating systems: smartphone, tablet or laptop or running iOS, Android. 

Transparent, Collaborative, Communicative

Complete project visibility and multiple open lines of communication from day one. We are available when you need us and continually updating you on your project’s status.


DevOps is a clipped compound term which combines “Development” and “Operations” practices of IT software development, having originated in the mid 2000s among IT professionals looking for efficient and innovative ways to automate and speed up the process of software delivery. As a change agent, DevOps promotes a culture of collaboration and information sharing across the organization, a radical departure from the ‘silos’ of the past.
While the Developer community performs software development which is all about coding; writing the code, implementing, testing and re-writing the code, operations team looks after the systems that run that code. They work on things like how much processing power the software will need to run, how to make the software secure, how to make it run efficiently, and how to keep it running.
The biggest difference is that compared to pure play IT where you have to deal with software codes alone, when applying DevOps to IoT developments, you also need to take physical components, devices and existing legacy systems into account which together build in an extra layer of complexity in the overall automation process.
The electronic and industrial devices and intelligent gadgets commonly seen in IoT era operate based on the software running inside them producing advanced business intelligence (BI). This software has to be managed, tested and updated frequently, and in real time. Also, there are physically devices connected to each other, which may include GPS, cameras, accelerometers, energy meters, medical devices, machine sensors and so much more. DevOps is the only methodology available right now which can help prepare for real time failure scenarios with the use of simulators, virtual machines and remote monitoring and updates of firmware.

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