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Image Analytics

A picture is worth a thousand words and in the digital world of today, it is worth thousand tweets, texts, likes, shares, clicks & every other parameter which reflects the success of your digital collateral. Understand your customers better by investing in image analytics.


Crowd Testing

Agile testing solutions designed to enhance the digital performance of your website or app to give you the edge in the market. We help you introduce an authentic and robust app that works consistently for all your users.

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Enhance the efficiency of your HR department by investing in our HRMS – a comprehensive software that combines your core & strategic HR functions into one solution.



Improve your profits by partnering with e-commerce portals, designers, auction houses, and media platforms to sell merchandise on a video feed.



Planning out your travels has never been easier. Find out the ideal stay for your trip at a price affordable to you. Book your stay at BIL. 


FAC Kitchen

Fond of eating homemade food? Passionate about making food for others? FAC Kitchen is the place for you – connecting Home Chefs with their local community.



Save time on the journey to the yoga class by benefitting from virtual yoga classes available on Yogkriya. Stay fit, stay healthy, all from the comfort of your home.



The ultimate cricket encyclopedia. From live scores to news, interactive games and more is now available on this platform.

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