Developed complex solution to server millions of concurrent users for live streaming using latest Technology Stack.

Our Technology Stack

Backend Engineering

Use Java and JavaScript based frameworks with a combination of relational as well as NoSQL databases for faster processing of complex set of data in our Backend application solutions.

    Grails          Java         Spring         MongoDB         MySQL         Nodejs         MEAN Stack         Python Development

Frontend Engineering

JavaScript with a combination of HTML and CSS has changed the way web and mobile applications are built.

    React         HTML5         CSS3         Polymer         AngularJS         Bootstrap        


Extensive experience in developing applications using native and hybrid technologies for mobile, tablets and connected devices.

    iOS         Android         Smart-TV         Fire-TV         Roku         Tizen        


DevOps really enhanced time to market,reduced redundancy and  increased efficiency drastically.

    Docker         AWS         Jenkins         New-Relic         Puppet         Chef        


Our automation and manual testing experts helps you to reduce Time To Market by improving the efficiency of every cycle. 

    Protractor         Selenium         Appium         Seetest        

Data Engineering

Effective decision making will require proper data. Our Data Engineer manages data workflows, pipelines, and ETL processes.

    Hadoop         Spark         kafka         powerbi         tableau         highcharts