Get real-time data, down to the part-level detail, throughout every step of your automotive supply chain

  • Real-time visibility

    Real-time visibility into inventory, components and raw materials across internal and external facilities and systems

  • Manage Tool

    Manage Tool

    Tools to manage and confirm inventory lock-down or release across your digital network

  • Traceability

    End-to-end traceability throughout the digital supply chain, tying consumer shipments to manufacturing orders and supplier lots

  • Manage Tool

    Real-time Reporting

    Real-time reporting and collaboration tools for retailers to register recall statistics for comprehensive visibility into exposure and containment

  • Stop Speeding

    Stop Speeding

    • Monitor excessive speed, which needlessly consumes large amounts of fuel

    • Stop jackrabbit starts, harsh braking and aggressive driving with our Driver Behavior feature

    • Limit wasted miles by directing drivers in unfamiliar areas using Google Routing

  • Stop Speeding

    Smart Routing

    • Find the closest driver to a customer, drop-off or service call

    • Send directions to your driver’s phone when in unfamiliar areas

    • Eliminate wasted time between stops

    • Optimize travel routes to avoid traffic and bottlenecks                                      

  • Stop Speeding

    Mobile App

    • Verify that vehicles are where they are supposed to be

    • Perform a quick check to ensure that your vehicles are working

    • View current vehicle status

    • See overview of all vehicles and their proximity to one another