Highly Scalable And Modular Ticket Booking System - SAAS and PAAS

Stop Speeding
  • Inventory

    Manage Ticket Booking
    Handle Customize Events
    Seat Map Handling
    Manage status (Available, sold)

  • Pricing

    The built-in invoicing module allows you to personalize invoices with the company details and brand elements, adjust their template, set payment options, preview, print and email invoices, etc..

  • Payment channel

    System supports various payment methods. PayPal & Authorized.NET are set by default. Also  accept cash, CC, and wire transfers.

  • Notification

    Admin can edit and set up different types of auto responder messages and alerts which will be sent via Email / SMS to selected users (administrators, clients).

  • Reporting

    Platform’s own reporting environment includes standardized reports targeted for daily users regarding their commonly reported activities For clients who require more analytical, business intelligence driven reporting, solution provides a database view to a well-structured data cube with which any chosen BI analytics tool (like QlikView, Power BI, Tableau etc) can be integrated

  • Marketing

    Two types of campaigns can be managed:

    Public campaigns – Campaigns with public campaign codes. Same codes can be used during the entire campaign period. Targeted (re-marketing) campaigns - Campaigns with unique campaign codes. Codes can be sent to the customer via e-mail, SMS or other means.