Predictive Tracking + Insight

PREDICTIVE VISIBILITY PLATFORM FOR SUPPLY CHAIN - Any Load - Any Where - Any Time, with Seamless Integration


Over-the-road Oceans Parcel Full over-the-road + External Data Rail

NexGen delivers the world’s most advanced supply chain predictions without the cost and time of a large IT project.

Quickest Time-to-value
Up and running in 12 weeks or less.

Compatible With Your TMS
Seamless, out-of-the-box integration with every
major transportation management system

Superior Customer Service
Our fully-integrated service and support team
is available at any time by phone and email.

Broadest Network
Connected to over 4 million GPS/ELD assets,
and all major dispatch systems.



100K 225K 500K 725K 900K


$100M $500M $900M $1.3B $1.8B


Start Enhancing profits Today

You can’t prevent problems if you can’t see them coming. NexGen lets you harness the largest network of GPS providers and cutting-edge predictive ETAs to know not only where your freight is at any given time, but when it will arrive at its final destination — and every stop along the way.

Let’s talk about how that predictive insight quickly converts into business value.


Calculate the industry’s most precise arrival time predictions to drive measurable business value. Our platform enables companies to:

Unparalleled Business Value


Improve on-time delivery

Reduce missed appointment fines and detention fees by proactively rescheduling deliveries

Utilize teams more effectively

Eliminate check calls and enable tracking team to focus on managing exceptions – not finding them

Tighten inventory management

Reroute shipments in real-time to nimbly adjust based on weather, traffic and even shifts in demand

Deliver superior customer service

Notify customers in advance when shipments will arrive late or early

Enable better communication

Establish a single source of truth for enterprise supply chain GPS data

Minimize product loss

Track real-time load temperatures and follow high-value loads anywhere in the world, with instant notifications of deviations


How It Works

Tracked Load Lifecycle

Load info and carrier name pulled from shipper's TMS/ERP


Truck, trailer and GPS identifier pulled from dispatch system


Telematic device pinged every 15 minutes


NexGen app let drivers sign proof of delivery


Beyond Tracking

Better supply chain decisions come from extending the data you capture and insights you derive. That’s why NexGen full suite of visibility products is designed to help you unlock the hidden potential across your supply chain.

If your supply chain spans the globe, shouldn’t your tracking solution? Beyond tracking across every corner of North America, NexGen have solutions that can track live loads across Europe, South America and Africa, and we’re growing our footprint every day. Our mobile optimized, cloud-based platform ensures you can see details on any tracked load, no matter where it is.

Integrating with ERM, SalesForce, SAP etc.​

Enable seamless integration with your existing systems with proven records.

NexGen Insights and Benchmarking

Use state-of-the-art data visualization and analysis tools to identify trends in your supply chain and measure the impact of changes both in real-time and over time.

NexGen Temperature

Track temperature in real-time across your cold chain and receive alerts as soon as exceptions occur to ensure freshness and avoid loss.

CarrierLink & Advanced Mobile

Enable your drivers to easily mark proof-of-delivery, collect e-signatures from customers, and provide dock ratings – all within a mobile app.