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Testing Service

NexGen has vast experience in functional testing (System Verification testing, Acceptance testing, and Interoperability testing) and non-functional testing (Accessibility, Performance, Security, Recovery, and Scalability tests).

Strong technical team having experience in multiple skills (App testing, Network testing, Database testing, Infrastructure testing – Disaster recovery, backups, storage policies etc.)

Testing tools (performance tools – Jmeter, LoadStorm etc. Cloud security tools – Wireshark, Nessus etc.), and automation testing knowledge (Python, Selenium etc.)

Our Offerings

Mobile Application Testing Experience

Experience in automate tests of any native and mobile web apps from UI level down to the complete back-end as well as perform functional-level testing on real devices and simulators.

  • Testing of native and hybrid mobile apps on a combination of different mobile devices with any resolution and language.
  • Functional Testing of Mobile Apps
  • Database Testing of Mobile Apps
  • Integration Testing of Mobile Apps
  • Continuous Regression Testing of Mobile Apps

Web UI Testing Experience

Experience in UI automation testing solution that helps you verify and validate UI components of different web interfaces to ensure there are no deviations in the results from the expected user experiences and interactions.

  • Verification of navigation, screen layout and theme
  • Testing of design as well as look & feel consistency – branding, UI components
Our Offerings

Web Services Testing Experience

Web services testing to test how a particular Web Service interacts over methods and interfaces provided via a WSDL interface over HTTP. That helps to accelerate the process of web services automation testing to check whether the services comply with business logic and ensure they deliver the expected output at the user’s end.

Web Services Functional Testing

Experience in testing whether your SOA-based applications perform the business workflow as defined by the Web Services.

  • Authorization of SOAP/RESTful response message
  • Reusable Component Check
  • Web Services Business Flow Validation

Web Services Non-Functional Testing

Experience to test a collection of voluminous web services to verify its health and process of calling methods/scripts from the web and checking the resultant behaviour.

  • Web Services Status Health Check
  • Web Services Security Testing – Denial-of-Service attacks, penetration, spam data, etc.
  • Web Services Compliance Testing – Data transfer standards and rules

Big Data Testing Experience

We have a Big data testing engineers who have the skills & the industry experience in defining test strategies for structured and unstructured data, setting up the test environment, working with non-relational databases, and performing non-functional automation testing. Team is aware of the architecture of database designs to analyse several performance bottlenecks and other issues

Worked on data security, performance issues, the workload on the system due to very high data volumes, and the scalability of the data storage media.

Experience working on Big data testing tools:

  • Pre-Hadoop processing - Apache Flume, Apache Nifi,Apache Sqoop, Apache Spark, Apache Pig etc.
  • Tools & methods for MapReduce Processes - MRUnit - Unit Testing for MR Jobs, Local Job Runner Testing, Pseudo-Distributed Testing, Full Integration Testing
  • Big data Analytics- Apache Falcon

After 3 years of relationship and execution of some very large projects, NexGen is no more a vendor or a partner. It has become our own development team (just sitting somewhere else). Agile methods combined with a crack development team make working with NexGen a very smooth experience.

NexGen has a team which is highly focused on technical acumen internally and this is really impressive. NexGen is also offering flexibility in the partnership and adding greater value than just technical excellence. It has been a great journey and we really appreciate all the efforts.

    Joon Kim
    Mikael AnderssonE-commerce Head, Mat.se
    Joon Kim
    Joon KimDirector of Cloud Platform Development, Westcon