NexGen IOT Solutions on hiring spree in India & U.S.A

US-based leading software solutions provider, NexGen IOT Solutions has started its campus hiring program and is reaching out to elite campuses throughout India starting January, this year.

With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out to countries globally, hiring will pick up momentum by Q1 2021 and the key drivers of the job market will be high-growth startups, Financial GIC’s & IT/ITes. From a skills perspective, Java, AI & Full-stack skills continue to be major skill requirements by most startups and product-based companies. To meet this demand and to become a cornerstone in India’s economic development, NexGen IOT solutions has started this drive to hire and upskill the freshers in these latest technologies.

“We plan to hire at least 100+ freshers and train them on industry required skills who have already proven their worth by participating and winning different hackathons, events and receiving special achievements.“, said Mr. Satender Sharma, CEO of NexGen IOT Solutions. “This is just the beginning of our hiring and empowerment vision for 2021. We envision this hiring demand to grow up to 5X in the coming 2 to 3 years.”, he added.

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