NexGen IOT Solutions launches “FAC Kitchen” Mobile App for Authentic home-made food in India.

NexGen IOT Solutions, a US-based Tech Giant, has launched “FAC Kitchen” mobile app and started onboarding home-chefs in India. With the mission of empowering the homemakers and Home Chefs, the company aims to create the biggest self-employment opportunities for people by offering a platform to earn from home by becoming a home chef. With this launch, the company intends to promote its vision of “Healthy & Fit India” by offering hygienic home food.

Currently, FAC Kitchen is starting its operation in Delhi and currently is in process of onboarding the first 100 home chefs. Every chef in FAC kitchen is handpicked and verified for the quality and regular checks have been kept in place to ensure the highest of the quality of home-cooked food.

FAC Kitchen is also empowering Home chefs to create their own unique identity and to get the customers through this platform. As the initial launch offer, FAC Kitchen is offering a minimum monthly revenue to all the people who sign up for this platform. That means, till the time FAC Kitchen gets the customers for its home chefs, chefs will still get a guaranteed revenue.

Satender Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, FAC Kitchen, said,” we have a mission to create India’s largest self-employed platform where people can join and start earning for themselves.”

The FAC Kitchen application is available on android and iOS. Customers can start ordering from the home chefs starting February 1, 2021. Users can go to the application and apply to become a chef on FAC Kitchen by using the following links.

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