Platform Modernization

Platform Modernization

Transforming Business With NexGen Technology

NexGen specializes in website design and development services. Our web experiences are high-performing, feature-packed and digitally transformative, designed to be user-friendly, fully functional, very secure and able to scale as your enterprise grows.

The digital transformation juggernaut seems unstoppable and companies are quickly learning to adapt to digital disruption. The millennial customer demands instant gratification, continuous enhancements and iterations. When it comes to digital transformation there is no “one size fits all” that works well for everyone. Customization is a key and you need a transformation partner who can understand the unique challenges that your business faces in its path to operational excellence.

The NexGen team has domain expertise across major industry verticals and follows a comprehensive and agile digital transformation methodology. Our digital business transformation services and solutions will help in streamlining and integrating the development process for all of the departments involved including customer engagement, sales and marketing and performance optimization.

Additional Services

CEM strategy and experience design

Omni-channel commerce platform architecture

Third-party search, web and user analytics application integrations

Digital commerce storefronts, implementation and upgrades

Internet of Things

Why Brands Choose NexGen For Platform Modernization

The NexGen team focuses IoT applications for the manufacturing, wholesale and retail, and consumer segments. Our IoT offerings include enterprise solutions and smart systems. We have proficiency in platforms such as Amazon, IBM Watson and Microsoft. The team at Source Mash provides solutions for open source such as Raspberry PI, as well custom design hardware. Our IoT Analytics experts can help you with Natural Language Processing as well as Machine Learning.

Omnichannel Commerce

Source Mash possesses the know-how to guide companies looking at omni-channel adoption. Our knowledge in B2B and B2C trends and innovations can guide your business down the path of success. We adopt a platform-neutral approach and our technology proficiency includes Adobe Commerce (Magento), Salesforce Commerce, Shopify and others.

Cloud Adoption Program

Source Mash helps enterprises outline towards a Cloud-First business. As a partner with Microsoft Azure, we help organizations build, migrate, and manage applications on the cloud. To ensure business continuity, we provide 24/7 support for your Azure hosted infrastructure. With our expertise in the Microsoft Azure platform, organizations can achieve great business results across development and operations in increasing efficiency and scale.

Smart Data & Insights

We make enterprise analytics simple, comprehensible and accessible for your organization. NexGen advanced analytics capabilities, you can not only track and analyze huge volumes of data generated by sensors, social media and third party data sources but also integrate them effectively with your enterprise BI systems to predict outcomes and drive better decisions.


NexGen can help you in Providing data strategy & assessment in gaining data accuracy Strategic planning for Cloud BI thus giving power back to the business Bringing the Next-Generation Intelligent Enterprise tools to your business users Move data between sources using our ETL / Data Migration experts Help you Tell Stories That Matter with the state of the art dashboards


Numerous organizations are charting their digital roadmap – whether on a small or large scale. They are cognizant of industry trends and disruptions caused by technological advancements.

For example, most of them now understand that analytics play a vital role in informed decision-making, and are trying to build something based on such an approach. But contextualizing this to their organization has been a challenge. For example: Should a company apply analytics to monitor plant operations risk management? Or asset reliability? If so, how easy is it? Where to start? Does it make sense to buy sensors/IoT or is it better to start with the simple visual analytics which requires less investment? Which technology should be used?

Investments an organization makes to design and implement their digital strategy must align with the broader vision, and the regional or departmental objectives. Business criticality, process maturity, and digital maturity play a vital role in prioritizing the overall challenges and possible digital interventions.

How much will be saved in cost, time, and human effort? Does this investment make sense in terms of ROI? This point is very important and must be looked at both from the short-term and long-term perspectives. Some investments may seem costly in the short-term, but their long-term benefits may be priceless.

For example, adopting technology to capture near-misses which are generally not recorded in many organizations might seem like a trivial investment. But over time, the patterns emerging out of this process may become guiding factors in formulating the organization’s safety and risk management strategy, and may serve as guardians of the existing safety management systems.

Likewise, in some cases of corrective versus preventive maintenance, there may be a few situations where a corrective approach gives better ROI comparatively speaking. In such events, moving to a predictive system is not required.

Organizations embarking on their digital journey must think of any given digital solution as an enabler to transform the business. Technology is not the “end”, but the “means”. Organizations must evaluate appropriate digital interventions based on the challenges the business is facing rather than thinking of how big data analytics or AI can be plugged into their ecosystem for the sake of fancy innovation.

It is also sometimes wise to have a centralized digital team that spans as a horizontal across business functions. This contributes to efficient evaluations, reasonable consistency, synergy, and relatively minimal vendor management challenges while implementing projects.

Organizations often have IT budgets to invest in digital. But organizations struggle in understanding the key performance indicators (KPIs) that need to be tracked – both lagging indicators and leading indicators.

For example, while evaluating asset reliability, if the deployed asset is giving 500 different variables as inputs, we need to be logical on which ones to use and which ones to discard. Which variables resonate with your business objectives? A subject matter expert is vital in evaluating this. Organizations are sometimes blind to this fact and rely on buzz words such as Machine learning, Analytics, Automation, etc. and think a technology-based intervention will solve the business case.

How efficient are your current operating procedures? If they are inefficient, no matter how cutting-edge the technology procured may be, the inefficiencies will continue. It is just an old wine in a new bottle.

To maximize the effectiveness of the technological intervention, both the foundational processes and the respective change management procedures must be robust. Proper evaluation and minimization of redundancies and related impairments in the process will ensure maximum efficiency.

Organizations must address these issues comprehensively. Digitalization is no longer a choice. The cost of not digitalizing – of losing the speed, competitive advantage, and access to key analytics it offers – is simply too high. As per an MIT survey, data-driven organizations are 5% more productive, and 6% more profitable compared to the average.

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