Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Embed facial recognition into your apps for a seamless and highly secured user experience. No machine learning expertise required. Features include: face detection that perceives faces and attributes in an image; person identification that matches an individual in your private repository of up to 1 million people; perceived emotion recognition that detects a range of facial expressions like happiness, contempt, neutrality and fear; and recognition and grouping of similar faces in images.

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An important facial recognition capability is the ability to plug into an existing video management system to see face recognition matches, analytics and locations and even enroll directly from the VMS. Creating deep and impactful VMS integrations is essential for many security situation, so having a true platform integration framework that makes it extremely easy to build apps or similar integration layers should be high on the list.
We all know that the iPhone offers uses face recognition to protect personal data. But there are all kinds of mobile use cases of facial recognition ranging from police identifying suspects in the field to instantly recognizing travelers at transportation centers. Depending on the use case, it may be essential to have facial recognition capabilities on mobile devices. Be sure to ask if the vendor can integrate with mobile devices either by offering an application or APIs that enable mobile integration.
Whether facial recognition is being used for security purposes or to enhance customer experiences, real-time alerting is essential in order to optimize customer experiences and deter threats. It’s therefore essential to ask if a facial recognition provider offers real-time alerting and to test it in the wild if possible. In addition, flexibility — the ability to quickly set up and configure individual and group alerts through rich text messages, email, in apps and through other data collections systems, is important.
Facial recognition platforms should be designed from the ground up to protect privacy. While we can’t speak for other platforms, FaceFirst practices a privacy by design methodology that always ensures that personally identifiable information (PII) and biometric information is collected and stored, securely and with encryption. All the personal information stored in the FaceFirst system is protected, secured and isolated in multiple ways. We fully support and abide by the data privacy principles established by applicable local privacy laws and regulations. As part of our commitment to data protection, we conduct external security audits and independent security testing on a regular basis.

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