FAC Mobile App started its onboarding program to provide earning opportunity to Millions of Home Chefs in India

US-based tech giant NexGen IOT solutions launched the “FAC Kitchen” mobile app and has started its onboarding process in India. This is a huge step in empowering home cooks financially and making home-cooked meals accessible with just one click.

Are you a foodie who loves to cook?
Or want a professional and tired ‘home settler’ recovering from hopping countries, but afraid of losing a hefty monthly salary?
Or a housewife who wants to venture outside and start earning?

If the answer to any of your above questions is yes, then FAC Kitchen mobile app is for you. FAC Kitchen is a collaboration platform for home chefs and home food enthusiasts with a vision to revolutionize the home eating culture. Already around 100 homemakers, who like to cook, are selling healthy homemade food through this app.

90 percent of school/college students suffer from obesity, as they do not consume household food. Easy-to-eat meals and fast-food delivery available in the market have no nutritional value. And there is no denying that homemade food is the healthiest and safest food.

In addition to giving self-employment opportunities, the app provides people with hard-to-get healthy, homemade food on an ad-hoc or subscription basis and is made for the people who do not want to visit or order food from commercial shops. FAC Kitchen has one single app for both ordering and signing up as a home chef for Android and iOS phones. The app allows freedom to set their menu, pricing, order limits, and delivery / take-way time slots and allows consumers to pre-book orders.

In an interview with the CEO, Mr. Satender Sharma, we discussed how this app is revolutionizing home-cooked food ordering in India and how it’s contributing to the fitness first approach.

Why did you start the FAC Kitchen app?

It began with a personal belief in nation-building and creating large-scale self-employment opportunities. As I laid a canvas on an occasion, I asked myself ‘Who?’ [Need help]. I realized that women are often chosen as housewives, not by choice but by circumstances.
How did it lead? ‘And it became clear that food preparation is a skill most women are blessed with. What did we find out from this? ‘

Our research in metros with more than 2,000 respondents, both housewives and consumers, showed that more than 10 percent of housewives were eager to start a home kitchen if they were given a platform that would address their challenges and give them Help in doing business. More than 90 percent of the respondents said that they prefer homemade food over outdoor food, while 97 percent believe that homemade food is the most healthy and tasty. All these facts helped us to create a platform that can empower the healthy eating ecosystem.

Who can become a member?

Whoever wants to become an entrepreneur from home. She/He should be registered with FSSAI, be passionate about cooking, and should be able to cook healthy and tasty food. Also, his kitchen must be clean.

Are men allowed to join?

We are promoting the food of the house and the culture of any man or woman, who can spread the magic in the food we make, they are welcome to come with us.

Please explain your methods.

Chosen home chef specialists are upheld in all regions to deal with their business expertly. We help them in FSSAI registration, food photography, packaging, distribution, and online payment and marketing. We give chefs all the freedom to decide their menu, pricing, time, area of coverage, takeaway/delivery, and promotion.

The FAC Kitchen application is available on android and iOS. Clients can begin ordering food from the home chefs starting February 1, 2021. Chefs can go to the application and apply to turn into a cook on FAC Kitchen by utilizing the following links.

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